The Mind-Blowing Apple Vision Pro Experience: A Sneak Peek into the Future of Headsets

By Editorial Team

In a recent video, Dan Barbera got the opportunity to test the highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro headset. His description of the experience left him in awe, struggling to put his thoughts into words. While he acknowledged the challenge of accurately conveying his encounter, he was eager to share his incredible journey with the world.

Dan made it clear from the beginning that the Apple Vision Pro is in a league of its own, surpassing any other headset he has tried before. While some may draw comparisons to other popular headsets like the Meta Quest 2, Dan stressed that the Vision Pro is on an entirely different level. With this in mind, let’s dive into Dan’s firsthand account of his unforgettable experience with the Apple Vision Pro.

The Setup Process & Getting Fitted

Before immersing himself in the virtual world, Dan went through the setup process. Using his phone, he scanned his face and completed an eye test, ensuring a personalized experience. Although the pre-production unit didn’t have all the available sizes and inserts, Dan was still able to find a comfortable fit. The headset features a digital Crown, which enhances immersion and provides a way to navigate the interface. Additionally, there is a dedicated button for capturing photos and videos.

“The setup process was straightforward, and despite minor limitations with available sizes and inserts, I managed to find a comfortable fit.”

Weight and Comfort

Addressing concerns about weight, Dan noted that while the Vision Pro is made of metal and glass, it was well-balanced and didn’t feel excessively heavy. The weight distribution prevented the headset from being front-heavy, unlike many other headsets on the market. Dan emphasized that wearing the Vision Pro was surprisingly comfortable, and he didn’t experience any discomfort or motion sickness during his 30 to 40 minutes of use.

Apple Vision Pro with battery

Gestures and Getting Familiar with visionOS

Dan described the intuitive gestures of the Apple Vision Pro, which allow users to navigate the interface effortlessly. He highlighted the accuracy of the eye tracking feature, which enables selecting content just by looking at it. Dan found the tap and scroll gestures to be smooth and easy to grasp. The visual experience was nothing short of exceptional, with a display quality surpassing any other headset he had encountered. The absence of noticeable pixels and the crystal-clear text made the visuals truly immersive.

Photos App Experience

The Vision Pro’s photo viewing capabilities left Dan astonished. The level of immersion and detail in the photos, even panoramas, was mind-blowing. Dan expressed a desire to take more panoramic photos to fully appreciate their impact within the headset. The spatial photos and videos, captured with the dedicated button, added an unprecedented sense of realism. Dan shared his amazement at feeling fully present in the captured moments, such as being right there at a birthday party, blowing out candles, and even encountering smoke that seemed real.

Multitasking with visionOS

Dan tested the Vision Pro’s multitasking capabilities by simultaneously running various apps. He marveled at the ability to have multiple full-screen apps open, providing a level of productivity similar to using multiple monitors. With the potential for third-party apps, Dan expressed excitement about the future possibilities for developers. He believed the Vision Pro could become a powerful productivity tool, seamlessly integrating with both phones and computers.

Entertainment: Home Theater & 3D Movies!

Watching content in the Vision Pro was a next-level experience for Dan. He viewed 3D movies like Avatar, feeling fully immersed in the action. The 3D effect was incredibly realistic, without causing any discomfort. Dan mentioned his favorite experience was sitting court-side at a basketball game, with players seemingly coming right at him. He also enjoyed floating above the soccer goal, making him feel like he was part of the game. The entertainment possibilities were endless, with the headset offering an unparalleled level of immersion.

Battery Pack and Overheating

Dan touched upon the optional battery pack that extends the Vision Pro’s battery life by about two hours. While the headset itself didn’t get warm, the area around the face felt slightly warm due to the metal and glass components. However, he assured viewers that there were no overheating issues during his test. Dan also mentioned that the Vision Pro works seamlessly with AirPods Pro, enhancing the overall audio experience.

Final Thoughts

Dan expressed his overwhelming admiration for the Apple Vision Pro. He emphasized that his experience with the pre-production unit surpassed his expectations. The headset’s visual quality, comfort, immersive capabilities, and seamless interface navigation left him speechless. Dan acknowledged that words alone couldn’t capture the full essence of the Vision Pro and encouraged everyone to experience it firsthand.

Although Dan couldn’t contain his excitement, he urged readers to try the Vision Pro for themselves. With its remarkable build quality, state-of-the-art technology, and Apple’s unparalleled attention to detail, the Vision Pro represents a groundbreaking step forward in the world of augmented and virtual reality. The future looks promising, and the Apple Vision Pro is at the forefront of this exciting evolution.

*Disclaimer: The transcript and information in this blog post are based on a video by Dan Barbera, and the content reflects his personal experience and opinions. The Apple Vision Pro is a pre-production unit, and some features may change before its official release.